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Back after a couple of weeks of evaluation with a slight pivot and starting a big cleanup.

6 July 2018 by Garry Newman (3 Comments)

A couple of weeks ago I'd reached that part of game development that I'm sure a lot of developers hit. You've been working on something for a while, it started with a clear vision of what you wanted to do, how you were going to do it. Then you start making it and every day that vision is pushed to the back of your mind as you focus on smaller problems, specific features, new ideas.

Then one day you complete a feature you were laser focused on, then you think about what to do next.. and realise it's got away from you. You have no idea what you're doing, where it's going, why you're doing it. You suddenly feel like you've wasted the last however months (or years). Everything you've done is shit, everything you try to do is shit. You're burnt out.

So I decided to work on other stuff for a couple of weeks, and let Tub sit in the back of my mind and have my subconsious process it. It's helped. It's focused my mind on what I should and shouldn't be doing with Tub. I think I'm going to do it more often.

From the start of Tub, the scale was quite small. The player was about half a meter tall. This wouldn't really matter, but you can't scale the physics system. It's physically simulating the world, so it needs real values.

So I've decided that now is the time to adjust the scale. This means that the current maps are kind of weird.

This means either re-creating or re-scaling everything else that is currently in Tub. Which might be a good opportunity to throw most of the stuff away.

It also means that you should probably hold off on grabbing the editor and trying to make something right now, because we don't have any scale guide.. and stuff like jump height, run speed etc might change.

I posted an editor project to github this week. I was avoiding making the editor public and enabling user generated content because I wanted Facepunch to create the levels. It's always felt like a bit of a cop-out to work on a way to create UGC instead of just making content.

The realization over the past couple of weeks was that this project was meant to be an excercise in taking the path of least resistence, in not making the development harder without good reason. So I decided that if something feels right, I should lean into it. An editor feels right, so I'm leaning into it.

I posted a link to the editor on the Tub Forums, I haven't got any instructions on how to use it yet.. but it's just a Unity project. So if you feel like you want to take a look, go for it. I'll let you all know in a future blog when I think it's ready to be used properly.

The editor is a Unity project. It has all the MonoBehaviours we use in the game, but with all the logic cut out. When you build a scene using this project and put it in a bundle.. all the data is there - so the main game can still load it.

I don't want the editor to be a cut down thing. We should really eat our own dog food by using it to create maps too.

This is why it's still Unity based. You can create lightmaps, occlussion culling, reflection probes, particle effects, new models, new textures, new animations, new sounds. You can do anything with the editor instead of adding new code.

I really want it to be easy to iterate and keep testing levels. This is something I do a lot when running in the editor. I want to be able to be running the game on one monitor, change something in the editor, then press a button and have the changed scene show up in the game.

Workshop integration too, of course.

Taylor has been playing around with the Citizen model, with some new clothes sets. Recognise this?

Please ignore the fanny eyes, he's also working on re-doing the head - I'll share some screenshots of that another time.

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