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27 April 2018 by Garry Newman (11 Comments)

When you beat a level (or don't beat it) you'll get a star level now.

The stars are based on a few different things, which can be level specific. Things like, did we beat the level, did we collect all of the fruit.

In the future I'm thinking other things can be taken into account, like number of deaths, time taken. Ideally getting 3 stars should be really hard to do, and something that feels like an accomplishment.

It might also be a nice idea to only unlock new missions based on the number of stars the player has got already, although I'm not sure whether this would break down when trying to find a random multiplayer game.

I added a component called EyeInterest this week. If you add them to a gameobject in the world the eyes will look at it.

This means we can make players look at each other and things they're intrested in. It can be a bit distracting when you're doing something and the player is rubber necking around looking at shit, so I might limit it to happen when standing still and slowly walking.

Picking up treasure is nice, but how much are you getting?

I'm not thrilled with how this turned out. I thought I'd make a particle system. I thought I'd be able to break a sprite into tiles and manually create the particles for each number. I did all that then it turns out you can't manually force which animation frame for a particle to use, so that fucked that.

So now I manually create the sprites with the right numbers.

This isn't as effective as I thought, I could have just drawn it on the UI and it would have been just as good if not better. Before I abandon it and do that I'm maybe going to try using it to show things like health taken when damaging stuff.

I found in the playtest that people were getting killed by other players but didn't know who. So now if you get killed my someone it should show who did it and how.

You can use CheatEngine to give yourself treasure. The game is peer to peer, so this was always going to be an eventuality.

How to combat this, or whether I'm going to bother, is still up for debate. I chose to make a coop game like this because it shouldn't matter if people cheat. But it is obviously going to matter if every game you join with a random has people with 10 million treasure not playing the game properly.

Half of me feels like it should lean more in the "create a squad, join a game together" direction. So you're only playing with people you know, and if you want to cheat then it's between you and your friends.

It's something to consider, but at this moment in time I don't want to commit time to trying to fight cheats in a game that might never get properly released.

The intro screen shows a bit of help about the mission now, instead of placeholder text. I'm thinking in the future this could be a movie, or have credits for user created levels.

The scoreboard is back, on the tab key. I'm leaving the space on the right free for other stuff, which I haven't decided yet.

I'm fighting with myself because I wanted tub to be a simple game.. ie: everything in the world, no opening menus, carrying/holding a single object. So I'm resisting adding things like a dressing up sceen, an inventory, or a buy menu.

Snot farm is differet to the other missions, which are all pretty standardly linear "run to the end of the map" type gamemodes. Snot farm is an experiment of a game I had an idea for a long time ago, but never actually made work. There's a virus in the level and it spreads, you need to contain it and destroy it. This is meant to be strategic because if it gets past you, it will expand into the whole level.


The turrets had a bug where the treasure would block its line of sight, causing them to get clogged up and stop working unless you cleared them out. Once I fixed that they became treasure milking machines, with the virus spawning into their radius and then mowing it down easily. So I made it so they don't spawn within a radius of turrets.

This has made the game a lot slowe and easier once you reach turret level, so it was probably the wrong move. I'm going to think about that and change it up next week.

Vending Machine Pickup

Buying from a vending machine puts it right in your hand, instead of spawning and having to pick it up.


I thought a minimap would have been useful in Snot, because you can get a better idea of what the gamemode is about when you see how it expands from top down. It's less effective than I thought it would be, but it's in the game now.

Super Slime

The purple super slime is 10x harder to kill, and drops good treasure.


It sucks standing around waiting for everyone else to die, so I made it so players can respawn.

This means there's no lose condition in the gamemode at the moment - I'll look into that next week.

Slime Damage

The slime doesn't kill the player by touching it any more. It just slows you down. The damage was more infuriating than a challenge.

I fixed the transitions between levels and added a transition when closing the intro screen.

These transitions are all shader based, and I have a bunch of different wipes working - but I'm only using one right now.

Last week I noticed that the player lerp was so bad that when they were picking up treasure it was a couple of meters from them.

So Andre ripped out Rust's lerp code and I implemented it. Now it's so much more accurate.

I made the cursors on the game over screen use it too!

I sent out a few keys this week. No huge problems found, and the people I've talked to while playing are excited about the possibilities of the game (although they might just be kissing my ass).

Hopefully these people will keep checking back in as we add new levels and try new ideas. You can request a beta key by clicking on the Beta link at the top of this page.

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