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14 August 2018
Garry Newman
Added HttpImage Nicer workshop mission info fetching, loading icon
LOD fixes Guard dogs
13 August 2018
Garry Newman
Latest props
Citizen Latest
Cable texture fix again Smarter turning
Fixed AABB asserts in screenshot mode Update rope if end point move, fixed texture scale so it appears to stretch NetBrownian fixes Boid Test Cloud Test Quality settings WaterSplash Fixed Ground Button Clouds
Updated license
10 August 2018
Garry Newman
Carry Hand Guides
Added Perlin to Facepunch.Unity Added NetBrownian Don't do NetPosition preview if playing Citizen animation ground speed is based on localPosition, instead of world position CharacterController try to stay above ground if on pitching/rolling surface Latest Jump map
Added NetPosition
Use Citizen Hold Type Coin pickup effect AudioSourceModifier
Ball bounce tweaks Updated Props from Citizens repo Lighting affects water shader
9 August 2018
Garry Newman
Flame Tweaks Latest Citizen Player animation cleanup Added Skeleton.GetTransformSlow( name ) Store common bones on Player Fixed ScreenshotCamera Fixed how player hands are placed when carrying with both hands Carry object hand IK Throw exception if layers change.. reminder
Fire Shader
Designer Mode Help
8 August 2018
Garry Newman
Fixed water showing in front of world UI
Temporary highlight effect
Noclip lets you fly through shit (!)
Pressing F in designer mode gives noclip
Tweaked stepping down and jumping to feel less clumsy
Jump progress Designer Mode
7 August 2018
Garry Newman
Updated water shader
Fixed gibs not floating Fixed NRE in Buoyancy when gibs are destroyed Moved Cable New Water Can set gib life in SpawnGibs() Updated Jump Exports
Fixed compile error
Latest Common Tub.InputOutput.Editor
Cable, GroundBreak, EnableParticleSystems, ButtonTrigger
6 August 2018
Garry Newman
Cable test
EditorSpawnOverride (ctrl + shift + s) Jump wip
Export GroundBreak
Decals Nicer trigger hiding Delete TriggerGeneric Add ButtonTrigger EnableParticleSystem Behaviour Export ButtonTrigger Add fire trigger to Demo Hurt Disable Texel Density by default
3 August 2018
Garry Newman
Crate/Box props
Added Matt's collectables Jump map WIP
Better mission progress
Show horrible smileys on mission icons to indicate how completed it is
1 August 2018
Garry Newman
Fix UniqueIdentifier when in Scene MissionButton, UpdateProgress